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A natural gas heater makes use of an energy source, petroleum gas, which provides us with cost-effective, energy-efficient, and a clean, reliable source of heat. Natural gas is still reasonably affordable which makes it a lucrative fuel to run heaters on it and has been in utilization for these purposes past several years.

Today, there may be numerous options which provide heat to your surroundings under some harsh conditions and that too according to your convenience. However we do pay a price in the form of precious resource consumption in order to operate heaters and higher electricity consumption. natural gas heater. Amidst all this, are some other options which help us achieve the same results but at a lesser price to pay. And natural gas heater is among them.

One of the most common heaters present today are the patio heaters which has a burner on top of a post, burns fuel, and directs the flames against a perforated metal screen which distributes it to the surroundings. These heaters have an option to be run either on synthetic fuel like propane or natural fuel like natural gas.

Patio heaters working as a natural gas heater would certainly mean cheaper running cost together with efficient heat supply. Of course the natural gas should be reasonably priced. Apart from it they can be operated even during power failures and are easy to install devices.

Two categories of gas heaters are available- forced air which makes use of blue flame for heating purposes. On the flip side of it they stir up sawdust which can prove to be hazardous for some. However they are less expensive than other models. The other one is the infrared ray models which warm the floor and objects first and then heat up the surrounding air.

A propane patio heater makes use of pressurized gases like propane for heating purposes. They are also self-contained, which means they do not need to be plugged to external gas lines or electricity. Also the wheels attached to it help in easy transport to any part of your house thus making them a portable gas heater.

The propane patio heater has an additional advantage of heating only the non-insulated portions of indoors and not just heating the whole area thereby making it very efficient. They are also compact in size due to the presence of a compact propane cylinder attached to it. Thus it provides easy handling capability to a propane patio heater.

Patio heaters using propane as a fuel goes a step ahead in terms of price as compared to patio heaters using natural gas as their fuel. However in terms of efficiency both seem to be at par with each other. However natural gas being a natural source of fuel, a natural gas heater must be encouraged.

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